4 Core Benefits of Automation Testing in 2023


When human errors become inevitable, automation needs to become the prerogative. Automation testing empowers QA teams to test more in less time and with less effort and is the only way to keep pace with agile development, and comprehensively verify software for all possible bugs. Other benefits include:

1. Promoting synergy between software teams enables better software validation
2. Makes testing scripts re-usable
3. Helps companies gain ROI from employing automated software testing
4.Providing increased test coverage that is impossible with manual tests

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Every software development company has a dedicated ground of QA testers responsible for testing its products. Yet despite their best efforts, the final build of every software comes with bugs and glitches that tends to evade the watchful eye of the QA team. This is due to the fact that manual software testing is performed by human testers and these tests will often have to be repeated during development cycles.

Therefore, when human errors become inevitable, automation needs to become the prerogative. Automated testing tools have the bandwidth to playback predefined actions, compare the results to the product’s expected behavior and accurately report the success or failure of manual tests. Once automated, they can easily be repeated and extended to perform tasks that were considered impossible with manual testing. All this, however, is just the tip of the iceberg.


Promotes synergy between software teams: Automated testing enables better software validation during various phases of a project. This in turn improves communication between UX designers, developers, QA testers and product managers, and allows immediate rectification of potential software bugs and facilitates faster feedback cycles. Furthermore, executing repetitive tasks with automated software can give your team time to spend on more challenging and rewarding projects.

Reduces business expenses while maximizing ROI: While the initial investment when buying automating tools may be on the higher side, automated testing can help companies gain 205% ROI from employing automated software testing in place of manual testing process and save up to $10.34 million on an investment:

  • $4.5 million worth of time, or about a day’s worth of work every two weeks.
  • 20% fewer bugs resulting in $376,000 saved—by tracking and rectifying bugs that manual testers would have missed.
  • $2.9 million saved with automation efficiencies that allowed more tests in less time, and improved code quality.
  • $2.6 million saved by reducing the risk of major mainframe defects and preventing negative customer impact from bugs in production.
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Makes testing scripts re-usable: With automation, testers need only write a test script once and the software allows it to be reused an infinite number of times. Let’s look at this point from a cross browser testing point of view. As cross browser testing is done, QA testers need to write test scripts every single time to test an application on different operating systems or devices. However, when automated test scripts come into play, test scripts can be reused even if the OS version on the device gets changed ultimately saving time, effort and money.

Increased Test Coverage: The best part is that automated tests can increase not just the depth but also the scope of tests to help improve software quality. Tests that take up an unreasonable amount of time and are responsible for creating scenarios that leads to faulty assurance by a mere distraction while testing manually can now be left to run unattended even on multiple computers with vastly different configurations. Automated software testing software gives testers the ability to look inside an application and see its memory contents, data tables, and internal program states to determine if the product is behaving as required. Test automation can easily execute thousands of different complex test cases during every test run providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests.


There could be even more benefits of automation testing as the industry is progressing at a breakneck speed towards automation. However, the points mentioned above are the most critical benefits of automation testing. If you’re looking for a tech partner to help automate cumbersome processes within your organization, reach out to us at info@adtechcorp.in

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